International Olympiad “Nanotechnologies – Breakthrough to the Future!” 

The International intellectual Forum-Olympiad (XIV Olympiad on nanotechnologies) follows traditions of the first meeting established in 2006. The main goal of this series of annual events is to develop interdisciplinary approaches in education, science and engineering.

The Olympiad allows the participation of primary, secondary and high school students, BSc, MSc, PhD students, young scientists, teachers and tutors, or enthusiasts of materials sciences and nanotechnologies. To receive a participant status on line, a minimum of personal information is required. All the stages of the Olympiad require no payment with no exclusion.

A basic theoretical stage is demanded for schoolchildren as an online (distant) competition in the set of four school disciplines: “chemistry”, “physics”, “mathematics”, and “biology”. The Olympiad is assigned officially the highest 1st level Olympiad of the Russian Council for School Olympiads

Various satellite conquests of the Olympiad make it possible for the participants to demonstrate their skills, experience and creativity: 

“Genius' thoughts” is the competition of school projects in materials sciences and advanced technologies. Students of 12+ age should submit a short description of their projects to win a chance to present it in person as an oral talk during the final stage of the Olympiad in Moscow. 

“Nanotutor” is the co-competition for tutors of school projects participating in “Genius thoughts”.

“Simply about complexity” is the competition for BSc, MSc and PhD students, young scientists who have already published their research results in high-rank scientific journals and can also explain their results for publics. 


Participants of the X anniversary International Olympiad

“Nanotechnologies – Breakthrough to the Future!”

Since 2015 all theoretical problems of the Olympiad are available both in English and Russian. The site is the official portal of the International Olympiad on nanotechnologies “Nanotechnologies – Breakthrough to the Future!”

Support of the International English-speaking participants is organized using social network communities such as International Olympiad on Nanotechnologies on Facebook and International Olympiad “Nanotechnologies – Breakthrough to the Future!” on LinkedIn.

Report on XIII Olympiad